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How does water delivery on-demand app works?

  • Register or login Make registration on the app by providing your email address, phone number or facebook, Instagram or Google+ account. If you have already registered on the app then simply login into the app.
  • Choose your service After the successful registration or login, different water delivery stores will appear on your home screen. Choose your service and the amount of water that you want to get delivered.
  • Provide your location Pinup the exact location along with the phone number to assist in case of any query. Within a few minutes, a professional delivery agent will deliver the gallon of water.
  • Pay for the service Make payments for the service that you availed. You can make payments via cash, debit cards or credit cards.
  • Give authentic feedback and reviews After availing the service, give your feedback and reviews based on your experience.

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Absolutely FREE

Get the delivery of clean and freshwater with the few simple touches on your phone. Our water is full of minerals which will keep you active all day.

Hydrated family or staff

If your family members or staff are hydrated then they can more easily focus on their work. Restrict dehydration to touch your loving members by a water delivery service. It saves us from-

  • Brain fog
  • Irritability
  • Headaches etc.


Restrict sugar cravings

If your family members or staff regularly get fresh, clean and mineralized water then they are less likely seen to be dependent on tea, coffee or juice.


The water delivery app provides pocket-friendly services to their customers. The water camper rates will be the same if you take it from the store. This means that customers can easily enjoy the same rate benefits with the few simple taps on their phone.

Quick delivery

Getting a speedy and reliable water delivery service is very easy through this wonderful app.  Whether it's your office or your home, get the instant delivery of water without any inconvenience.